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That's pretty informative. Would you mind telling me where you got yours from?

After I commented last, I went out and got one.My original thought was that it was maybe a mental turn on deal-but after I tried it-WOW it makes sex, masturbation, and pleasing my lady a whole different thing! I didn't realize how awesome a cockring is lol! My wife was stroking me after riding my dick and I SWEAR I must have shot a load about 2 feet into the air! Not only that but the sensation of the orgasm was awesome and different. Thanks for the video man, I really appreciate the lesson. Dude, thanks for the video. I always wondered about them. I thought they were for show, but now that I know about it (thanks to your vid) I will try it out. Dude, thanks for the video, I was completely unaware of the various types of "cock rings". I'm going to try option number 3. Thanks for the info. I had one that was like a rubber band and it did work, but maybe #3 maybe better. Tks. Wow. What a lesson you got my attention (mrs) i would never be later to your class.Lol.